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Posted: October 19, 2010 in Immigration, Story

Ramses, 14 year old.

Once, when I was six years old, my dad told me he was going to go to America because there was no work here. We had no money, and he was already desperate of being here because of the lack of resources.

When he left I was very sad because I did not want him to leave. But little by little, I resigned because I knew he was coming back to me and my family.

There was a time we did not know anything about him, but after three months we heard the phone ring. When I picked up, he said Hello son how are you, and I was very happy because I hadn’t  talked to him in a long time. Since that day, he called every two weeks and sent money so we didn’t need anything.

The years passed and one day he gave us the surprise that he was leaving America to come back with us. On the third day, I saw him entering the door of my house. I was very happy because he was finally with us after seven years.

  1. William Knott says:

    Fascinating perspective Chantal. You introduction to this blog talks about “suffering emmigration”. North of the border we always see 2 things: “too many’ immigrants; and the financial bonus for the families south of the border. But when you think about what it means to lose 50% of the population in an area, and mostly young adults, you almost have to despair than any local economy can actually exist. Instead you get the cargo culture, dependent on pennies from heaven.

    Thanks for this

  2. […] the community there are more women and old people than men, and right now a lot of people are coming back from the US because of the situation over there. But it’s weird because these kids are starting to live with […]

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