My friend “Soledad*”

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Poem

by Lizbeth, 14 year old.

She wanders everywhere

a few escape from her

and others welcome her

I wish I had wings to escape from her.


She is my friend

but she does not help me

she sinks me.


She is with everyone

and I’m not with anyone

I hurt everyone,

and I learned it from her.

To all who approach me

I hurt them,

and  leave an emptiness.


I was light and now I’m darkness,

I was full and now I’m empty,

I was in heaven and now I’m in hell

I had friends and now I’ve enemies

I was healthy and I got scars

I have scars and time is not deleting them

there is an exit but is closed

there are friends but I do not want them

because in my heart only lives

my friend “Soledad.”


Translator’s note: In Spanish, Soledad means loneliness, but it’s also a common name for women.


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