My Poems

Posted: October 26, 2010 in My life, Poem

by Guadalupe L., 15 years old.


I feel like the moon

alone, abandoned, without anyone.

With me, the day comes, the sun rises

and it does not help me through the night that I spent alone.

The stars hate me

I don’t  know why,

I only know that my love has been rejected

and that the world is over for my heart.

I Love You

I want you to dream with stars

and I want each star to scream at you: I Love You!

so that you open your heart with more illusion

and I do not have to suffer for your love.

My Best Friend

I miss you like you cannot imagine

you are the person that makes me feel in peace

with you I can be myself

I can tell you my problems without further hesitation.

You help me to calm my soul,

not to mourn, not to despair.

You’re the person I trust most

and I want you to come back to tell you I need you

and I need your advices, your hugs,

and that I want you to always be by my side as my best friend.

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