A Great Soccer Player

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Story
by Jaasiel, 12 years old.
There was once a little boy named Yoni. He was 12 years old and imagined that when he grew up he would be a great soccer player, but his parents were in a difficult economic situation. He had an older brother who was 16 years old, and when he grew up he went to the United States. When Yoni turned 17, his brother asked him if he still wanted to be a soccer player and he replied that he was never going to lose that dream. His brother told him that when he turns 19, he would send him  to a soccer school and Yoni replied that it was going to be too late because they were not going to accept him. He told his brother that  he wanted that since he was 10, and his brother told him that they would give it a try. 

Two years passed, and on July 25, his brother called him  from the United States and said he had a friend in Mexico City. He told Yoni to go to his friend’s house because  he was going to take him to a soccer school. He was very happy, but his mom was sad because he was the only one who was with her. Her other son left to the US and left her alone, and his mom said that it was not possible that the son who was always with her in the good and bad times would go away. Yoni told her that she would always be in his heart. The next day, his brother called  and asked his mom if Yoni was already gone and she said he went to buy his ticket and told him that she would stay alone because Yoni was going to Mexico City. And her son told him that she should go with Yoni to Mexico City, and went with him and arrived at three in the afternoon. They went to Hidalgo Street without number, arrived at the friend’s house, and Yoni and his brother’s friend went to see the soccer school. When they got there, Yoni was told that he was accepted and he was very happy. They told him that if he wanted he could stay longer because the training was about to begin. He stayed and put a lot of effort. On Saturday, he had a game and made his debut and scored a goal. Yoni dedicated the goal to his mom and his mom was very happy.

Moral: I learned that if we want to be somebody in life, we must strive to achieve what we want and never be dismayed because our dreams do come true.


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