Posted: November 9, 2010 in Manifesto
by Nanci, 16 years old.
Why thinking of drugs when we have a lot to stand out? Why are we gonna fall just because we have strong issues?

Rise up! And let us say:  I can solve my problems so that tomorrow we can be professionals. Why wasting so much talent that we have to excel and be somebody in life?

Let us say no to drugs because it affects our health. Think of positive things to not fall again. We have a lot ahead!

Think about your future and leave the drugs because you are worth it. Do not let your life collapse because of drugs!

  1. Leto says:

    By ‘drugs’ what do you mean?
    There is a MASSIVE difference between chemicals mentioned in the Scheduling System of controlled substances made by the US Govt.
    ‘Drugs’. It’s misleading. There are pharmaceuticals which are reviewed by industry-endorsed doctors which are called ‘drugs’. There are horrible, cell-dividing synthetic chemicals such as meth; also called a ‘drug’. Then there are plant-medicines such as cannabis and psilocybin which are also, unfortunately and incorrectly, called ‘drugs’. Medicines can be abused when used improperly. Drugs, including most pharmaceuticals which are manufactured with the intent of profit of over people/treatment of cure, ignoring a holistic assessment to illness in general, are toxic to the human body and environment/water which it ultimately gets pissed into.
    Language is important. ‘Drugs’ – a nebulous term which causes confusion and must not be used in a blanket-format.

  2. William Knott says:

    Leto – they all look the same when they destroy a family or a community

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