The Son of the Streets

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Immigration, Story
by Andrea, 13 years old.
This is the story of an acquaintance who cared more about the street than home. The parents of this teenager gave him everything he wanted and always consented him, but what happened with this? The guy lived in the streets despite having  a house. He drank, smoked, and God knows if he took drugs. He quarreled with people from another barrio, even with the town’s police. This did not happen because the guy was bad, but because he lacked attention and understanding, but more importantly, his mother. 

He had a mother, dad and brothers, but did not live with them because they lived in the United States. He stayed with his aunt, but it was not the same.

Every night, he would go out and come home drunk; he cared more about the street than home. But one day, he was very scared because there was a man who was saying that he was going to kill one of his band or him. That night, he spoke with his mother and told her he needed her here with him and he would not be calm until she comes. A few days later, his mother returned to Mexico and took him to the United States. Today, the guy is studying and leaving alcohol.

* This is a true story that tell parents that they have  to pay attention to their  children, give them love and be with them.


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