Save the Environment!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Manifesto

by Adrián, 14 years old.

I want to talk about the environment. It is time we do something, enough of treaties and joining other countries. We do not want it because while they try to reach an agreement, the planet is increasingly deteriorating. It is time to do something in Mexico, leave the countries that do not want to because in Mexico there are natural resources, but the problem is that the government does not support us financially. I wonder why?

Sometimes I think that if the government gave us a little bit more support, or if they would think like me, or other Mexican activists, we would sing a different story. Even Mexico would be a model country in the care of the planet, but  we return to the crude reality. Every day we see more wildfires and every day the poles are melting more.

For this reason, I ask, no I beg, that we do an act of consciousness and reflect. Let’s not just do it for the sake of oneself, but also we have to think of our children because what we do with our planet is a result later. If we did good things, our planet will last longer, but if we abandon it, it will die.

If the teacher publishes this on the internet, and if the President of Mexico were to read it, I ask you to please think of us and of yourself. Please support us and if you support us the result would be great, we would be an example in caring for the planet. But remember us, please!

Meanwhile, I will organize a group, go with the president of my town so that he sends a request to the President of Mexico and I will do whatever is necessary until we are heard. But while that happens, I always do good things to not affect my community and I invite all people of the town to join me. I know it’s a good cause!


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