Together, We Do More!

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Manifesto
by Iván, 14 years old.
My name is Ivan Martinez Zarate, and I want to protest the government of Mexico because this year it did nothing. On the contrary, when there was a disaster in the country, it didn’t provide support and it was just bragging. It doesn’t give sufficient support to schools and harms poor people because it raises taxes and increases prices for all products and all that hurts them most and they can’t succeed. It is not fair that our streets and cities are destroyed. Realize and think if the president is doing the right thing with us and the country. 

I want to let everyone, who listen to me and think as I do, know that if we unite we can make the president change and do the right thing with us and the country.

  1. It’s sad when children learn this at such a young age…but it may also be good for our world. I think that this is a wonderful idea and have recommended it for people to read.

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