Stop Violence!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto, Violence

by Daniela, 13 years old.

I think it is unfair that the boys from the community behave like that. They are very violent, and they do not even respect their elders anymore. There are many guys who fight, some say they are  “Sur 13*” and there are others from a neighborhood called “Barrio Grande.” Those two gangs don’t get along and it’s not fair that just because they are angry, they take it out on other people or with the walls of the streets. They only write on the walls “Fuck  Barrio Grande” or  “Fuck Sur 13.” Every night they go out, and when they run into each other, they fight and say that if  Barrio Grande goes to the other neighborhood , they are going to fight. They are both the same!

My solution is to talk with them, that both gangs talk and if they are offended by something, they should apologize. There is no need to resort to violence.


*gang from Southern California.


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