The President Doesn’t Help Us!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto

by Javier, 13 years old.

The president of the community does not help us in something that is needed in the town as in trade, agriculture, and other things. One example is that we came together to make a basketball team and went with the president to ask for aid for uniforms and he said he we would support us, but he didn’t help us with anything.

Another example is when the owners of a basketball court asked for support to install the light to play after dark. The president said yes, but they had to put first a cement bar called “mufa.”  They put it and went to tell the president, but he hasn’t supported  them with the light. So this President commits, but does not do anything.

All of us no longer continue to urge support from the president because we know that he will not support us even if we beg. We now asked for help to the commission, and they did support us.


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