We are All Equal!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto, My town

by Yasmin, 14 years old.

Here in the town, there’s a lot of discrimination. For example, sometimes they make fun of disabled people or people who do not speak well, or of people’s skin color. But people who do this do not know that they hurt with words or nicknames. They don’t know that these people suffer, they have feelings like all human beings, they  need love and understanding, they  need to express themselves so that they feel happy and have peace.

The solution is that people who discriminate realize that their words hurt others. But there is a solution, and that is to no longer continue to discriminate and make people feel bad. They  have to treat them well and know that we are all equal, no matter if  they are brown, white, thin or fat. What matters here is the inside that is beautiful and is the only beautiful thing we have in life and we must love ourselves as we are. Life is to enjoy and be happy, not  to be bitter or sad.


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