Postal Art » The Biggest Star by Verenisse

Posted: December 4, 2010 | Full size is 2543 × 1792 pixels

The Biggest Star by Verenisse

Hi Grandpa,
You don’t know how much I miss you. When you left, I was very sad; my mom cried for you. You don’t know how I felt that my mother did not come to tell me that you had died when I was in school. But when you left I could not believe that you were already dead.

Grandpa, take care of me as I took care of you. I will go to where you are, but you grandpa were like my second father. You protected me from my father or when my mother was not there, you cared for me and my siblings. Hopefully, my siblings will appreciate you because I am very grateful that I had your affection as other children didn’t have from their grandparents. Take care of me you grandpa who is in heaven and I miss you a lot. Goodbye.

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