Sergio’s Story

Posted: December 13, 2010 in My life, My town

My name is Sergio. I have 12 years and I was born in 1998. My birthday is April 8. The sport I like is soccer and I want to be a great soccer player.

I have many friends who are very cool. I like being a good person with the elderly. I do not like to be bitter because why  would I want to make my life miserable if I know that the problem will be solved. Everything in life has a solution, but death.

What changed my life was the death of my father. It was in a fire of my town and as a good citizen he went to the forest to help. He was gone for  about six hours. In the afternoon a very ugly wind came, and the fire became higher, about four meters high. It started to rain and the fire was extinguished. About half an hour later, it was announced that a man was found burned.

My mom was very scared and told my brother that we should see what has happened. When we got there my brother and my grandfather went to look for him. Took about 10 minutes when my brother returned saying that they have found him. My mom asked if he was okay and my brother said he found him dead.

For me it was the saddest thing of my life. Since that day my life was stopped and I wonder why my dad if he never did anything wrong. He never scolded me or hit me. He loved us, but God knows why he does things. What hurts me most is that my cousins and friends say that their  father came or that their dad loves them. I feel very bad about it. I tell them that they should appreciate their parents because it is very sad to be alone, it’s as if your heart breaks in pieces.

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