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My Sadness

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Immigration, Letter

by: Luis Gerardo, 15 years old.

Hello dad, how are you? I’m fine, very happy to have met you. You’re like I always imagined it. My mom always spoke very highly of you, she said you are the kindest and most affectionate. I already told her that I have realized that I like your lifestyle; you are very original. And when someone says I look a lot like you I am the happiest.

My mom cries every night. I don’t ask why anymore, I know well why she does it. Don’t worry, I’ve taken good care of her for all these years. We talked about many things the time we spent together and we still have plenty of things to talk about. I know that day will come soon. Mom is very happy because I already achieved what she wanted and what she wanted was that one day you and me would spend time together.

She likes a lot when I tell her that we went to so many places, but what she likes the most is when I tell her that you took me to the places where you took her. Sometimes it is very sad because she says she loves you and will never stop saying that. Also, she does things that you loved; every day, she prays for you to do well. You know, we miss you, but we mostly need you. If I could do something to have you back I would, but unfortunately it’s not in my hands. Thanks for being my best friend.

I love you dad.