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Sergio’s Story

Posted: December 13, 2010 in My life, My town

My name is Sergio. I have 12 years and I was born in 1998. My birthday is April 8. The sport I like is soccer and I want to be a great soccer player.

I have many friends who are very cool. I like being a good person with the elderly. I do not like to be bitter because why  would I want to make my life miserable if I know that the problem will be solved. Everything in life has a solution, but death.

What changed my life was the death of my father. It was in a fire of my town and as a good citizen he went to the forest to help. He was gone for  about six hours. In the afternoon a very ugly wind came, and the fire became higher, about four meters high. It started to rain and the fire was extinguished. About half an hour later, it was announced that a man was found burned.

My mom was very scared and told my brother that we should see what has happened. When we got there my brother and my grandfather went to look for him. Took about 10 minutes when my brother returned saying that they have found him. My mom asked if he was okay and my brother said he found him dead.

For me it was the saddest thing of my life. Since that day my life was stopped and I wonder why my dad if he never did anything wrong. He never scolded me or hit me. He loved us, but God knows why he does things. What hurts me most is that my cousins and friends say that their  father came or that their dad loves them. I feel very bad about it. I tell them that they should appreciate their parents because it is very sad to be alone, it’s as if your heart breaks in pieces.

Study! Don’t migrate!

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Immigration, My town, Story, Violence

by Jacob, 13 years old.

Migration is something wrong because Mexico wasn’t like this.  It was more responsible and educated, and now there are gangs, profanity, thieves, violence, abuse, etc. Those people who migrate to the United States return as bad and evil people. From ten people who go, nine return as bad people. Do not do this because you can die in the desert or river.

As a student, I tell you that you should study so that you do not suffer to go to America or another country. Make your career, do not stop studying so you can be someone in the future, not like today’s people who kill themselves looking for work, dying in the road. It’s better to study.

Living in Peace

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto, My town, Violence
by Melissa, 13 years old.
This manifesto is for  the guys who are in gangs and fight all the time in the town.

In this town, there are some gangs that are fighting all the time and all the people from the town do not like it. My opinion is that we should help them to get a job and study so that there is peace in the town and we all get along. We should help them to live well with their family and not take refuge in gangs. We should help them to receive an education, to not drink and smoke. They need to no longer destroy their lives and their families because they suffer by seeing their children getting lost  because it’s a dark road full of bad things in which they got in and we should all help them to get out and:

We can all live in peace!

We are All Equal!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto, My town

by Yasmin, 14 years old.

Here in the town, there’s a lot of discrimination. For example, sometimes they make fun of disabled people or people who do not speak well, or of people’s skin color. But people who do this do not know that they hurt with words or nicknames. They don’t know that these people suffer, they have feelings like all human beings, they  need love and understanding, they  need to express themselves so that they feel happy and have peace.

The solution is that people who discriminate realize that their words hurt others. But there is a solution, and that is to no longer continue to discriminate and make people feel bad. They  have to treat them well and know that we are all equal, no matter if  they are brown, white, thin or fat. What matters here is the inside that is beautiful and is the only beautiful thing we have in life and we must love ourselves as we are. Life is to enjoy and be happy, not  to be bitter or sad.

Don’t be afraid! Speak Out!

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Manifesto, My town

Guadalupe, 13 years old.

In a town, scandals rise and fall, damage and abuse, kill and destroy. They have no heart, no feelings. They think they’re gods and masters of our lives. They invade us.  It rains and rains and nobody does anything.

At night, there are only scandals. The streets are now filled with unscrupulous people, in the corner there are 30, in the other 20. Kicks and blows, blood here and blood there like a hose destroyed by pain, anger and depression. What will we do? This town has no future. If people continue living with this fear they will die, and die without speaking out and without justice. Children are involved in the gangs; drugs and beer get into the body. Basta! Enough is enough. I can’t do this anymore; let us join our hands and fight.

Do not stay silent; think that if you do it, you’re an accomplice. When I opened my eyes there was a beautiful town and now that I open them is the opposite. All this fear on the streets, a lot of fear and despair is rumored.

They are like dogs hungry for hate and envy. They want to be better than us, but they do not know that they are worst.