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Liquor and I

Posted: December 6, 2010 in My life, Poem

by Jesús, 14 years old.

I, being a young man of 14 years

and having no experience with alcohol

I decided to drink only by the temptation to feel that bitter taste

produced by barley,

whose plants are like a vine that catch me

and enclose me as if I were in a cage.

And helplessly I decide to drink and drink

So I can forget that alcohol

is taking over my body every day

and my body already looks like a bottle of liquor.

My body the bottle and my blood the liquor

and I drink and drink to forget that the bottle is killing me alive

so goodbye.

Love the World

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Poem
by Ana, 14 years old.
The world, so beautiful

with each element to live and thrive.

The sun to light our hearts,

the night that gives us life to rest

the stars to decorate and brighten our lives

and the moon that no matter what will always be with the night.

Miss You

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Poem

by Idsayana, 13 years old.

I miss you like you can never imagine.

I miss you because you’re not here.

I miss you even though you made me cry.

I miss you because in spite of everything I still love you very much.

I miss you because you left without saying goodbye.

I miss you because you were my joy.

I miss you because you left me alone.

I miss you because you took a part of my joy.

I miss you forever.

Love Runs

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Poem

by Carlos, 15 years old.

Today I tell you that love is something that goes around the world or around many people who are in love and go out at night to see the stars because they are like her eyes that shine.The moon is a part of your soul and in the morning they see the sun that is so beautiful, that is a part of our heart that beats for the love we have to each other.

The World Laughs and Goodbye

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Poem
by Marco Antonio, 15 years old.
We see the world, happy,

but it is not.

People leave

like the water current

they never come back

they only say goodbye.

The world is a sphere,

there are people that are painful

and never ask for forgiveness

they only tell you: let’s move on,

but never laugh.

The world is hidden in the corner

when it goes out there’s no happiness

there is only sadness,

but then it runs away and says goodbye.

Kiss Me

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Poem

by Belén, 13 years old.

Kiss me for no reason, as if the world was going down, as if you felt it which is that that’s in your heart. And because the heart wants, kiss me. Stay with me forever, kiss me, and I’ll stay by your side. And you know that my heart is hanging from your hands, and if you drop it, I’ll die forever.


You came into my life as the right person because you made me ignore what people say. You made me see the world through different eyes and taught me to forget all my problems. But I feared that someday I was going to lose you and what I feared was no speculation. If it became reality, it was because destiny will bring me a better person than you!

My Poems

Posted: October 26, 2010 in My life, Poem

by Guadalupe L., 15 years old.


I feel like the moon

alone, abandoned, without anyone.

With me, the day comes, the sun rises

and it does not help me through the night that I spent alone.

The stars hate me

I don’t  know why,

I only know that my love has been rejected

and that the world is over for my heart.

I Love You

I want you to dream with stars

and I want each star to scream at you: I Love You!

so that you open your heart with more illusion

and I do not have to suffer for your love.

My Best Friend

I miss you like you cannot imagine

you are the person that makes me feel in peace

with you I can be myself

I can tell you my problems without further hesitation.

You help me to calm my soul,

not to mourn, not to despair.

You’re the person I trust most

and I want you to come back to tell you I need you

and I need your advices, your hugs,

and that I want you to always be by my side as my best friend.

My friend “Soledad*”

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Poem

by Lizbeth, 14 year old.

She wanders everywhere

a few escape from her

and others welcome her

I wish I had wings to escape from her.


She is my friend

but she does not help me

she sinks me.


She is with everyone

and I’m not with anyone

I hurt everyone,

and I learned it from her.

To all who approach me

I hurt them,

and  leave an emptiness.


I was light and now I’m darkness,

I was full and now I’m empty,

I was in heaven and now I’m in hell

I had friends and now I’ve enemies

I was healthy and I got scars

I have scars and time is not deleting them

there is an exit but is closed

there are friends but I do not want them

because in my heart only lives

my friend “Soledad.”


Translator’s note: In Spanish, Soledad means loneliness, but it’s also a common name for women.