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Study! Don’t migrate!

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Immigration, My town, Story, Violence

by Jacob, 13 years old.

Migration is something wrong because Mexico wasn’t like this.  It was more responsible and educated, and now there are gangs, profanity, thieves, violence, abuse, etc. Those people who migrate to the United States return as bad and evil people. From ten people who go, nine return as bad people. Do not do this because you can die in the desert or river.

As a student, I tell you that you should study so that you do not suffer to go to America or another country. Make your career, do not stop studying so you can be someone in the future, not like today’s people who kill themselves looking for work, dying in the road. It’s better to study.

Living in Peace

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto, My town, Violence
by Melissa, 13 years old.
This manifesto is for  the guys who are in gangs and fight all the time in the town.

In this town, there are some gangs that are fighting all the time and all the people from the town do not like it. My opinion is that we should help them to get a job and study so that there is peace in the town and we all get along. We should help them to live well with their family and not take refuge in gangs. We should help them to receive an education, to not drink and smoke. They need to no longer destroy their lives and their families because they suffer by seeing their children getting lost  because it’s a dark road full of bad things in which they got in and we should all help them to get out and:

We can all live in peace!

Stop Violence!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Manifesto, Violence

by Daniela, 13 years old.

I think it is unfair that the boys from the community behave like that. They are very violent, and they do not even respect their elders anymore. There are many guys who fight, some say they are  “Sur 13*” and there are others from a neighborhood called “Barrio Grande.” Those two gangs don’t get along and it’s not fair that just because they are angry, they take it out on other people or with the walls of the streets. They only write on the walls “Fuck  Barrio Grande” or  “Fuck Sur 13.” Every night they go out, and when they run into each other, they fight and say that if  Barrio Grande goes to the other neighborhood , they are going to fight. They are both the same!

My solution is to talk with them, that both gangs talk and if they are offended by something, they should apologize. There is no need to resort to violence.


*gang from Southern California.

Let’s Stop Injustice in Mexico!

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Manifesto, Violence

by Lizbeth, 14 years old.

Citizens of Mexico, let’s finish with injustice, give reason to its possessor. Police, punish the guilty and don’t let the freedom of the perpetrators to be bought.

Do not let the deaths of many of us go unpunished. Let’s do justice for us and especially for Mexico because if it could talk, it would ask for help , and if there were justice, it would say thanks.

Citizens, let’s unite efforts, unite weapons. Let’s kill injustice and ignore the money that buys freedom. Let us leave behind the problems and continue to seek a new horizon, a horizon that will guide us to the light of justice.

Let’s spread out our wings and do not let them break; let’s take a flight to a better Mexico!

No More Fights!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Manifesto, Violence

by Yulisa, 13 years old.

The young guys of Zapotitlán Palmas do not get along very well. When there’s a party or a dance, at the first provocation they have, they discuss and even the punches come. For them, fighting makes them popular, but instead of being popular it makes them callejeros with no education.

Because of them, parents also do not talk among them because of a fight of the ignorant youth, but among pueblos shouldn’t get along badly, but well. When a “band”, as in many places is called, go to a neighborhood, they hit the other band and discuss. Every time the police intervene, the boys run and  avoid to go to jail. Rather than not getting along, they should get along and spend time together in the street, at school, and parties. We don’t want any more fights!

by Belén, 13 years old.

Men have their bodies, then, when they get tired of them, abandon them with the bunch of kids. How to take care of the kids if they are alone in life?

Her face bleeding and the salt water running over her face. A person reads to them a phrase and they remember immediately what they experienced in the past.

Our demand is: Enough! This is what affects everyone and sometimes they are killed and other people are blamed. It’s not fair! Enough!

They control our lives just because they are husbands. I demand that in these cases the woman doesn’t remain silent for fear that he will hit her. No! ! Denounce it! ! Do not remain silent!

Yes we can; we are worth more than them. Yes we can, women, because we have more guts than them.

by Rodrigo, 14 years old.

The police no longer fulfills its responsibility of catching criminals. Cops kill people who do nothing. Thieves are not the problem anymore, but police officers who betray us.

What will happen to Mexico without justice? It will be the most dishonest country! We must do something for our country. We must not leave the country in the hands of criminals.

No More Violence Against Women!

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Manifesto, Violence

by Richard, 13 years old.

I wonder why women do not denounce their husbands who beat them. I think women have every right not to be beaten because women give us life. If a woman is beaten, she has every right to denounce that person and move on with her life. But, some women are afraid because they think that person is going to molest and perhaps kill them. But I think, if this ends, Mexico would be a better country without violence. I think the person who beats a woman has to be in prison for life.